Episode 49: The Untold Secrets of Ubuntu 24.04

Welcome to Crowbar Kernel Panic! In this episode, we dive into the latest updates and developments in the world of technology and gaming.

First up, we explore the release of Ubuntu 24.04 and its implications for the Linux community. From new features to improved performance, discover what this latest version has in store for users.

Next, we tackle the ever-evolving landscape of net neutrality. Stay informed with the latest updates and discussions surrounding net neutrality policies and regulations.

In gaming news, we delve into the exciting integration of GeForce NOW on Steam Deck. Explore the potential of this collaboration and what it means for gaming enthusiasts.

But that's not all! We also bring you the latest GPU news, including updates on Intel ARC, the highly anticipated Battlemage GPU, and the surprising decision by MSI to cease Radeon GPU production.

Join us for a dynamic discussion packed with insights, analysis, and expert commentary on the most pressing topics in technology and gaming.

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