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  • Episode 9: E3 Announcements and News

    This is the second half of last week's episode and at this point is dated by a few weeks. We discuss some E3 announcements and some news about Linux and Gaming.

  • Episode 8: Gaming on fedora 34

    This episode we install fedora 34 and test gaming under Wayland, Pipewire, and gnome 40. The opening of the show sounds a bit negative but listen to full show, you may be surprised by the end.

  • Episode 7: Proton and Linux and Zombies.

    This week we talk about OBS on Wayland, DLSS on Proton, and Final Fantasy guitars on walls.

  • Episode 6: Death Standing

    A lot of gaming talk in this episode, a little less kernel panic. We review Death Stranding as well as Nivida Geforce Now. Now that we've played several titles over the new game streaming service we feel that we have some data to review.

  • Episode 5: Crypto is Ruining My Life

    We go over several cloud gaming services in an attempt to help people who may be frustrated with the current video card shortage.

  • Episode 4: Lootbox Legends

    This episode we discuss Magic Legends, our experience with Valheim, and a listener issue with ESO.

  • Episode 3: The Get Good Band

    This episode we discuss some ARPGs, Survival games, and compair Nvidia and Radeon driver overhead cost. We also finalize our review of playing ESO on Linux.

  • Episode 2: Ryzen Goose Egg Omelettes

    This is the first full-length episode! / Bo makes a Goose Egg Omelette / Steam Play vs Moonlight / Could Nvidia have solved the graphics card problem? / Valheim is the new hotness / ESO and the various ways to run and improve performance.

  • Episode 1: The era of the LAN party

    This is the first episode of what we hope is a long running Linux gaming podcast. Covering who we are and what this podcast will be.