• Episode 39: Fedora’s Skeleton Village

    Does Redhat still believe in the Fedora project, we question the 4% let go from the company in cutbacks // Somebody tell Elon he'd be a real internet cool guy if he opensourced Tesla software updates // RPG Maker Unity asset finally luanches with suspicious comments // Valve is still crushing with good will from the Linux gaming community // 'About that linux support..' - Roblox // The AI game concept gets a new skeleton village // Don't worry, my monitor is still flickering on and off on Linux

  • Episode 38: Planning a game with AI and struggling with the ARC A770

    This episode was short prepped and spontaneous. It's been a little while since our last show and we've both had several life events holding us up from doing show prep. We didn't want to keep prolonging the recording of this episode so we decided to give it a shot recording with no prep.

  • Episode 37: ARC A770 Graphics Card – What Linux Gamers Need to Know!

    In this episode Josh and I both test out our new ARC A770 GPU, While it's not easily compatible with Linux just yet, this card has some exciting potential because of it's performance and cost. We dive into what Wayland support for Wine means for Linux gamers, Flathub to support purchases and donations, Fungus computing power, and much more.

  • Episode 36: Gaming on Debian or LMDE

    #linuxgaming #Debian #pcgaming This week we review some news items we missed in the last few weeks as well as come to our conclusion on the Debian challenge.

  • Episode 35: Debian Cold Turkey

    This episode we discuss the Mutalk, the new Proton, remembering Unity, Open Source Nvidia Vulkan driver, and would you believe Mozilla is changin the face of social media? We end the episode with our discussion of the first week of Debian, more to come.

  • Episode 34: HDR on Linux and Debian Challenge

    We're talking Linux gaming in 2022, HDR could be coming to Steam Deck, X11 is flatlined, and we're coming up with a challenge for 2023.

  • Episode 33: Two Linux Nerds Discuss The Game Awards

    The Game Awards went down with a few hitches; A guy sneaks on stage and shouts out Rabbi Clinton, Chat spams nonsense in an attempt to win a Steam Deck, and Elden Ring dodge rolled it's way to victory.

  • Episode 32: AM5 PC build and Scalpers holding the bag

    This episode we discuss.. / a new AM5 PC build with custom liquid cooling / how happy we are that Scalpers are left holding the bag on Nvidia 4080s / RPG Maker MV / Unity Game dev / Anbernic Retro Gaming / Neon Prime / Steam Deck giveaway

  • Episode 31: Fedora 37 is for lovers

    We review this weeks news stories on the HOT topic of Nvidia cards, CAMM, and Intel ARC cards main lining kernel 6.2. After the news we cover Fedora 37 how well it's treating our workflow.

  • Episode 30: Retro Gaming, GPUs and Black Friday: Is it time to reinstate the CRT monitor?

    Our first live episode in a little while, we're going to talk about Josh's retro gaming setup and how Bo plans to max out his credit card on Black Friday.